Member Kevin Shedd has accepted a job in the State of Pennsylvania, which opens his Board Member position. Kevin will be missed! We wish him the best as he and his wife Christine move their home to another state, and Kevin takes on the challenge of a new position. We hope the acclimation to their new environment will be a positive endeavor. Best wishes!


Janelle Christensen, Ph.D., M.P.H., President of the Lee County Environmental Caucus, spoke at our last Saturday’s meeting! Environmental issues are of great concern and we can become involved and supportive. Click-on the highlighted Environmental Caucus to be directed to its website!

Officer Election, February 16, 2019

 The following Officers were re-elected:

  •  Timothy Hawes, President

  • Pat Trotter, Vice President

  • John Hogan, Recording Secretary

  • Beverly Cramer, Treasurer (newly elected)

We welcome Beverly Cramer as our newly elected Treasurer. We value all members who are willing to volunteer their time and talents to promote our Democratic values and principles!

TSA Support - Government Shut-Down

 The Cape Coral Democratic Club participated in providing canned food, household and baby products for TSA employees, during the government shutdown. The “Shutdown Donation Drive” was initiated by Cape Coral's Local Union 2301 District Council 78, Richard Jones, President. Products were picked up by TSA employees at our meeting place in Cape Coral, IUPAT Union Hall, 1216 SW 4th Street.

 TSA Agents, Phil Lore and Karen Moulon, attended February 16th meeting to thank our membership for our generous support in providing for their families in need. It was a pleasure to have met both agents. By being involved and meeting TSA employees personally, the impact of the shutdown on people's lives and their families becomes a 'reality' vs. just a news story. Though our Club is politically affiliated, caring about our local and Federal government's agenda affects each individual's livelihood. We are here to make our voices heard and to make a positive difference!

 Thanks to everyone who participated!